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The Class of 1918 

+J^J A 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil 





19 18 



Saint Mary's School library 

A welcome to friends of the Future and Past! 

Farewell to the friends of the present! 
Your mem'ry, while love and while friendship 
shall last. 
Shall strengthen and grow the more 

These pages, perhaps, in the long years ahead, 

Many a long, weary hour may cheer 
With sweet dreams of the Past — only past, 
and not dead. 
And the days at St. Mary's so dear. 

M. T. Y. 

f ««^W^^P #fc**^^ IIP 

At pK 

U -> 

Alma Mater 

(Tune: "J 

St. Mary's! wherever thy daughters may be. 

They love thy high praises to sing. 
And tell of thy beauties of campus and tree 

Around which sweet memories cling. 
They may wander afar, out of reach of thy name. 

Ajar, out of sight of thy grove, 
But the thought of St. Mary's aye kindles. a flame 

Of sweet recollections and love. 

Me if Ml Those Endearing Young Charms") 

Beloved St. Mary's! how great is our debt! 

Thou hast cared for thy daughters full well; 
They can never thy happy instructions forget 

Nor fail of thy virtues to tell. 
The love that they feel is a heritage pure. 

An experience wholesome and sweet. 
Through fast rolling years it will grow and endure: 

Be a lamp and a guide to their feet. 

May the future unite all the good of thy past 

II ith the best that new knowledge can bring. 
Ever onward and upward thy course! To the last 

Be thou steadfast in every good thing. 
Generations to come may thy fair daughters still 

Fondly think on thy hulls and thy grove 
And carry thy teachings — o'er woodland and hill — 

Of earnestness, wisdom, and love. 

H. E. H., 1905 

This twentieth volume of The Muse 
is issued in simple garb and is inscribed 


Social Welfare Worker 
now with the Y. W. C. A. in France 


Trained Nurse 
now on duty with the red cross in france; 

and to all those 






Hail to Our Boys in France! 

Words bu Aline Hughes, US 

Written for the Chorus Class, 191i 

Music b)i It. Blinn Oncn 


X iii i 

1 * *l— 

r=*-4 "* 


*!' j 


\ J 

\J— J T 

' i * * 


lfl4j It i, .j — ' 


y iv ir -^^ 


\ - 


- — t — t — 

IT-> 1 V I 

j J j pp JvJ/n julJ^j^ — ^jf^ 


The Red Cross 

The St. Mary's Red Cross Auxiliary to the Raleigh Chapter 


Marian Dranf., '19 Chairman 

Mildred Kirtland, '19 Secretary 

Eleanor Sublett, '20 Treasurer 

Miss Lizzie H. Lee. General Adviser 

Louise Toler, "19 Chairman of the Workroom 

Helen BATTLE, '19 Chairman on Membership 

Ellen B. Lay, '19 ' Chairman for the War Fund 

Nancy Lay, '20 Chairman for Home Service 


E. Askew S. Cameron N. Move J. Ruffin M. Springs 

M. Barnard A. R. Lay M, Mullins R. Russell A. Stone 

M. Barnhill D. Kirtland C. Parkman C. Scull M. Taliaferro 

D. Cabell L. Toler 

Miss A. Barton Miss Lee Miss Thompson 

Miss F. Bottum Mrs. Marriott Miss Trovvbridce 


L. L. Anderson C Davis M. Jones A. Phillips H. Tarwater 

L. Baker S. Davis V. Lay E. Phillips E. Waddell 

A. Barker M. Doltchert* H. Lauchinchouse D.Powell E.Ward 

M. Barwis K. Dram: F. Lee A. Pratt J. White 

G. Bateman F. Dunwody R. Leach K. Raney L. Wills 

K. Batts M. Fields M. Little M. Raney C. Wilkes 

M. Betts S. Fishel F.Martin E. Ravenel M.C.Wilson 

C Bonner V. Flora L. Meggs H. Roberson N. Withers 

E.Bonner B. Folk M.Miller E.Rogers D.Wood 

E. Bowne M. Forester M. Moffitt B. Seawell M. Yellott 
A. Boylston B. Freeman H. Morgan A. Seed M. Yorke 

E.Browne N.Hart M. Moss A. Smith 

H. Budge L. Hawkins E. McAlister F. Smith 

A. Cheek D.Howard H. McCoy S.Smith 

E.Collier A. Hughes B.Parker H.Snyder 

K. Hughes E. Pender C. Spence 

Miss M. Barton Miss Davis Miss McKimmon Miss Snook 

Miss M. Bottum Mrs. Fenner Miss Roberts Miss Sutton 

Mr. Cruikshank Miss Hester Miss Robins Miss Urquhart 

Mrs. Cruikshank Mrs. Lay Mlle. Rudmcka 

Miss Dowd Miss Myrick Miss Seymour 

(Every other member of the School :it the time of the Membership canvass (January, 1918) already 
belong to her home Chapter or Auxiliary.) 


Regular work in the Muse Room, fitted up as a Red Cross Workroom, has been done each Monday after- 
noon since the completion of the Surgical Dressings course in March, 

The instructors in the .Surgical Dressings course were Mrs. T. M. Ashe, Miss Sarah Cheshire, and Mrs. 
R. D. W. Connor, assisted by Miss Gladys Dewar and Miss Julia Coke, all of the Raleigh Chapter, 

Tlie Workroom officers are: 

Miss Lee, Supervisor. Louise Toler, In charge. Jane Ruffin, Mary Mullins, In charge of Tables 

Membership: One hundred per cent of the School, 

War Fund: Contributions from LOO per cent of Die School toward the Second War Fund, amounting to 

$1G5 from the Faculty and $500 from the girls. 
Knitting ; 34 mufflers. '24 pairs socks, 6 helmets, 6 eye-bandages, 12 washcloths, 28 pairs wristlets, 

118 sweaters. 1 trench cap, 42 squares, 1 blanket. 
Work Rmiin : Surgical Dressings of various sorts, about 800 in number, representing work during April 

and May. 


War Saving Organizations 

Helen Mason, '18 President 

Katherine Batts, '20 Secretary-Treasurer 

Thrift Stamp Teams 






"Kaiser Killers"" 

"S. 0. T. K." 

"The Stamp Act" 

"Hun Hunters'' 

"Lick 'Em." 











B. Albertson 

L. Bacon 

E. Askew 

D. Ambler 

M. Barwis 

C. Brown 

M. Barnhill 

L. S. Avent 

A. Barker 

E. Bonner 

D. Cabell 

G. Bateman 

M. Barnard 

C. Bonner 

N. Burke 

M. Drain e 

H. Battle 

M. Blanton 

N. Cooper 

S. Cameron 

V. Flora 

R. Baxter 

E. Bowne 

K. Cummincs 

M. Carr 

A. Hiccs 

A. Cheek 

H. Budge 

M. Dall 

M. Chavasse 

H. Hood 

S. Fishel 

E. Collier 

F. Dunwody 

M. L. Daughtridge 

E. Inclesby 

P. Freeman 

S. Davis 

B. Folk 

M. Dqucherty 


M. Hawkins 

J. Erwin 

R. Glass 

K. Drane 

N. Lay 

V. Howell 

M. Forrester 


E. Freeland 

L. Mecgs 

F. Kern 

M. Gold 

H. Lauchinghouse 

M. Lesley 


L. Lay 

N. Hart 

M. Moffitt 

H. Morgan 

E. Rocers 

N. Move 

A. Hughes 

C. Moore 

A. McGuire 

C. Scull 

K. McDowell 

E. Lay 

F. Morgan 

C McMullan 

A. Seed 

B. Parker 


S. McMurry 

C. Northrop - 

S. Smith 

J. Patterson 

V. Lenoir 

A. Pratt 

L. Pearsall 


E. Ravenel 

J. McM orris 

J. Quincy 

D. Powell 

E. Waddell 

V. Scott 

M. Neal 

R. Russell 

J. Ruffin 

E. Ward 

C. Spence 

L. Parks 

P. Sherrod 

M. Springs 

L. L. Wills 

M. Taliaferro 

E. Pender 

J. Towles 

A. Smith 

L. Webster 

A. Stone 

J. Toy 

B. Turner 

K. White 

H. Tarwater 

K. Waddell 

E. Wing ate 

D. Wood 

M. Yorke 

M. Yellott 

"Buy up the Thrift Stamps, 
Pile up the Thrift Stamps, 
Exchange the Thrift Stamps, 
And Help Things Along." 


War Gardening 


Miss Lee General Directc 

Team Captains 

Jam: Ruffin Ella Pender Laura Hawkins 

Ellen B. Lay Henrietta Morgan 

Helen Battle Elizabeth Waddell 

Garden Workers 


iss Acnes Barton 

Group I 

Group II 

Group III 

E. Pender 
M. Chavasse 
E. Phillips 
K. Batts 
A. Hughes 

E. Waddell 
D. Powell 
M. Springs 
C. Wilkes 


Ellen Lay 
M. Drane 
E. Bowne 
J. Toy 
N. Cooper 


/' /' 

Group J 




. Dougherty 

11. Morgan 
M. Barnard 
C. Brown 
L. Toler 
K. Drane 

Group VI 

Group VII 

H. Battle 
M. Moss 

1) Wu.ili 

L. Hawkins 
L. Webster 
L. Wills 

B. Folk 

H. Laughinchouse 

"Plant in the Garden, 


in the Garden, 


from the Garden 


ND Help Things 


Each group supplied one worker fo 
noon, from March to May. 

at least one hour each school-day after- 


The "Clean-Up Workers" 

In the dearth of available labor, and spurred on by "Clean-Up Week,"' some sixty of the girls 
volunteered to take charge of special sections of the Grove and keep them in condition. With the 
workers working in pairs, most of the Grove was covered by the various groups, and the sight of 
mower, rake, and sickle became a very familiar one. 

Twice a week inspections with grades were made, from April to Commencement, and the most 
efficient groups are to be announced on Class Day. 

L. Lay-H. Budge 

The Honor Groups 

M. Kirtland-A. Seed E. Freeland-M. Lesley 

M. Drane-B. Folk 

L. Pearsall-E. Phillips 
E. Pender-L. Webster 

E. Browne-A. Smith 
M. Barwis-M. Mullins 


L. Anderson-C. Moore 


J. Erwin-M. C. Wilson 
M. Carr-N. Hart 


M. Jones-C. Wilkes 

K. Drane-J. Ruffin 
H. Battle-E. Waddell 

M. Sprincs-D. Powell 
E. Sublett-N. Cooper 

M. Doucherty-V. Howell 
M. Moss-B. Freeman 

V. Scott-C. Spence 
H. Hood-M. Yorke 

M. Barnard-M. Yellott 
P. Sherrod-M. Neal 

M. Hawkins-K. Waudell 

V. Williams 

R. Baxter-E. Ward 
K.Batts-E. B. Lay 

E. Ravenel-L. Parks 
R. Glass-A. Stone 

M. Dortch-C. Lefferts 

E. Bowne-D. Kirtland 
A. Rembert-F. Lee 

F. Kern-M. Moffitt 

M. Fields-G. Shaven uer 

Committee on Inspection and Award: Miss Lee, Miss Agnes Barton, Miss Frances Bottum 
Director Mr. Ckuikshank 

REV. ALDEKT SMEDES, D.D.. 1810-1877 
Founder (1842) ami First Rector (1842-1877) of St. Mary's School 

At tin 1 time "f the death of Dr. Smedes a tribute was paid to his memory by the Bishop in these 
words: "I take this occasion to express publicly, as my judgment, that Dr. Smedes accomplished 
more for the advancement of the Church in this Diocese, and for the promotion of the best interests 
of society within its limits, than any other man who ever lived in it. Under his care, and very much 
as the result of his intelligence, his firmness, and his tender affection for them, there went out from 
St. Mary's School, Raleigh, every year a number of young girls who, in culture, in refinement, and 
still more in elevation of mural and religious character, would compare favorably with the pupils of 
any other institution in this country. He knew not only how to teach, but how to govern, and to 
make himself honored as well as loved, and to constrain his pupils to feel that the years spent under 
his care were at the same time the happiest and most useful nf their lives. He has gone to his 
reward, but his work remains, and will remain from generation to generation." —Haywood's "Bishops 
of North Carolina" page 193. 

To Miss Katie 

To long for (ruth, to try to realize 
The highest that we see — that is the noblest 
Living; and that, dear friend, in all these years 
} our high sincerity, your love of love, 
i our hatred of deceit and scorii of all pretense 
Have helped us to desire. 

Thinking of you. 
We know that love and truth are real; 
That God and good are the eternal verities; 
Noisy ambition, hard-won fame, the wish 
For recognition even of worthy work, 
Beside these vital truths fade into nothingness. 
To do good, and to distribute of your love 
And of your strength to them that need — that 
Has been your life. And with such service 

God is pleased. 

Emilie W. McVea, 1900 

"Constant as the Northern Star, 
Of whose true, fix'd, and resting quality 
There is no fellow in the firmament." 

Miss Kate McKimmon, known affectionately 
as "Miss Katie" to all St. Mary's girls, is this 
year in her fifty-first year of devoted service lo 
the School. 

Entering as a little girl in 1867, from pupil 
she became teacher, and has continued her 
teaching without interruption since, being now 
in charge of the Primary School. 

As "Dormitory Mother" she won the hearts 
of her girls for many years, and her work fur 
and in the Chapel has been a very special part 
of her. 

Unreconstructed Southerner, but loyal Ameri- 
can, whole-hearted in her devotion to School 
and to Church, St. Mary's would hardly seem 
St. Mary's without "Miss Katie." 

Miss McVea paid tribute to her in the poem 
published above on her fiftieth birthday. 



om the drawing by Miss Liddell) 

Second Rector of St. Mary's School, 1877-1897 

'"I am sure that every girl who lias been fortunate enough to count herself a St. Marys girl during 
the regime of Dr. Bennett Smedes lias felt the same sense of loving protection." 

"Strictly the head of his household, he was a companion of infinite tenderness, sympathy, and 
understanding, a man to lean upon, to look up to, 'to thank God for." 

"This old-time courtesy never left him in the performance of the slightest duty or amenity of life." 

"His firmness, his modesty, his mental attainments, his appreciation of the beautiful, and of bril- 
liancy and wit are well known to all who knew him." 

The original of the "Stage Coach Picture," so often used in The Muse to contrast the old days 
with later ones, was a drawing by Mrs. Gustave Blessner. Mr. Blessner, Musical Director at 
St. Mary's in the '40s, had it lithographed for use on the cover of some waltzes which he composed 
and had published in 1845. On the title page of the music, in addition to the Stage Coach picture, 
was printed: "The Flowers of the South: A Collection of Characteristic Waltzes, Composed for the 
Piano, and Dedicated tn the ^oung Ladies of St. Mary's School, Raleigh, N. C, by Gustave Blessner." 

Miss Eleanor Clement 

Madame Clement was t lie first French teacher at 
St. Mary's, and her little daughter Eleanor accom- 
panied her to St. Mary's and became first a pupil and 
. then a teacher here. Later on she established a very 
successful girls' school at Germantown (Philadel- 
phia), Pa. At her death she left St. Mary's a $5,000 
fund to establish a scholarship in honor of her mother, 
and also made St. Mary's the residuary legatee of her 
estate. From this bequest of $35,000 the funds were 
derived for the building of Clement Hall, which was 
named in Miss Clements honor. 


Bishop of Mississippi 

Third Rector of St. Mary's School, 1899-1903 

On the death of Dr. Bennett Smedes in 1899, the Trustees called "Mr. Bratton" to the Rectorship 
of the School. He had then been serving for some years as Rector of the Church of the Advent at 
Spartanburg, S. C. 

Dr. Bratton has a wonderful personality, and under his Rectorship St. Mary's went forward 
rapidly. The Rectory, "Senior Hall," and the Piano Practice Rooms were built and the "College 
Department" established. Dr. Bratton was greatly beloved by both his faculty and "his girls," and 
all were much distressed when in 1903 he accepted the call to the Bishopric of Mississippi. 

He has had an even deeper influence in his diocese and in the Church, and is now one of the 
powers in the House of Bishops. 

The picture above shows him as he looked in the days when he was Rector of St. Mary's. 

Mrs. Mary Johnson Iredell 

\\!iM has given the greater part of a lile 
of usefulness to the work of St. Mary's, 

as student, as student assistant, as 
teacher, as traveling representative, as 
organizer of the Alumna?, and as Presi- 
dent of the Alumna; Association. 

St. Mary's Alumnae Association 

OFFICERS, 1917-18 




sident - 

Mrs. Mary Iredell, Raleigh 

. , 1 Mrs. I. McK. PiTTENGEK, Raleigh 
I Mrs. B. S. Leak. Durham 

Mrs. John S. Holmes. Chapel Hill 

Mrs. Walter Grimes, Raleigh 

Miss Kate MoKimmon, St. Mary's 

Mrs. Ernest Ceuikshank, Raleigh 

Miss Florence Slater, New York City, until 1918 
Miss Emilie W. McVea, Sweet Brier, Vn., until 1918 
Miss Susan Franks Iden, Raleigh, N. C, until 1919 
Mrs. Elizabeth McC. Snow. Raleigh, N. C until 1919 
Mrs. A. L. Baker. Raleigh. N. C. until 1929 
Miss Gertrude Royster. Raleigh, N. C, until 1929 

The Alumna: Association of St. Mary's was established in 1880 and meets annually at Commence- 
ment. It has done effective work in aiding the piogress of the School. 

The Alumna: Chapters meet in their several towns and cities on November 1st, All Saints, which 
is celebrated as Founders' Day, and on May 12th. the date of the first opening of St. Mary's, which 
is observed as Alumnae Day. 

The most important special work accomplished by the Alumna? Association has been the estab- 
lishment of the Smedes Memorial Scholarship, to the memory id the founder and his son. the second 
rector of St. Mary's; the rebuilding of the Chapel, and the establishment of the Mary Iredell Fund 
and I lie Kate McKimmon Fund. 


Bishop of North Carolina 

President of the Board of Trustees of St. Mary's 

and Chairman ok the Executive Committee, 1897-1918 

The Board of Trustees 

The Bishops 

Rt. Rev. Jos. Blount Cheshire, D.D., Chairman Raleigh, N. C. 

Rt. Rev. Wm. Alexander Guerry, D.D Charleston, S. C. 

Rt. Rev. Junius M. Horner, D.D Asheville, N. C. 

Rt. Rev. Thos. C. Darst, D.D Wilmington, N. C. 

Clerical and Lay Trustees 


Rev. J. E. Ingle, Raleigh Rev. M. A. Barber, Raleigh 

Dr. R. H. Lewis, Raleigh Rev. Isaac W. Hughes, Henderson 

Mr. D. Y. Cooper, Henderson Col. Chas. E. Johnson, Raleigh 

Mr. Graham Andrews, Raleigh Mr. W. A. Erwin, Durham 

(until 1918) (until 1921) 


Rev. J. H. Griffith, Kinston Rev. R. B. Dram:, D.D., Edenton 

Mr. Geo. C. Rovall, Goldsboro Mr. Frank Wood, Edenton 

(until 1918) (until 1921) 


Rev. T. T. Walsh, Yorkville Rev. L. G. Wood, New York City 

Mr. P. T. Hayne, Greenville Mr. T. W. Bacot, Charleston 

(until 1920) (until 1920) 


Rev. F. P. Lobdell, Rutherfordton Rev. H. N. Bowne, Tryon 

Hon. Wm. A. Hoke, Lincolnton Mr. F. A. Clinard, Yadkin Vallev 

(until 1919) (until 1918) 

Executive Committee 

Rt. Rev. J. B. Cheshire, D.D.. Chairman 
CtiL. Chas. E. Johnson Dr. R. H. Lewis 

Hon. W. A. Hoke Mr. George C. Royall 

Mr. D. Y. Cooi-er 

Secretary and Treasurer 

Dr. K. P. Battle. Jr. 

Committee on Raising the Building and Endowment Fund 

Rev. Isaac W. Hughes, Chairman 
Mr. George C. Royall Mr. Graham H. Andrews 

Special Representative of the Trustees (for the purpose of raising the Fund): 
Rev. Francis M. Osborne, Raleigh 


Hail! St. Mary's 

In a grove of stately oak trees, 

W here the sunlight lies, 
Stands St. Mary's, true and noble, 

'Neath the southern skies. 

Far and wide, oh! sound her praises, 

Chorus full and free. 
Hail, St. Mary's, Alma Mater. 

Hail, all hail to thee! 

Well we love the little chapel, 

Ever hold it dear; 
Hear the echoes of the music 

Rising soft and clear. 
Far and wide. etc. 

There the ivy and the roses 

Climb the old stone wall; 
There the siveet, enticing bird-notes 

Sound their magic call. 
Fur and wide, etc. 

Ami the bonds of friendship strengthen 

As her beauties charm; 
We draw close to Alma Mater, 

Trust her guiding arm. 
Far and wide, etc. 

Adapted from Margaret Mason Young, 1899 


Fifth Rector of St. Mary's, 1907 

In whose Rectorship the Wings and Clement Hall have been built and the 
School has reached the largest enrollment in its seventy-six years 

' H,v' '-'■ 

The Faculty and Officers of St. Mary's 

Rev. George W. Lay, D.C.L Rector 

Miss Lucy G. Hester Lady Principal 

Ernest Cruikshank Secretary and Business Manager 

The Academic Department 
Rev. George W. Lay Bible. Ethics, and Pedagogy 

(A.B., Y r iile. 1882: B.D., General Theological Seminary, 1885; D.C.L.. University of the 
South, 1915. Master in St. Paul's School. Concord. N. H., 1888-1907. Rector of St, 
Mary's, 1907 — ) 

William E. Stone History and German 

(A. B.. Harvard, 1882. Principal, Edenton, N. C, Academy, 1901-1902. Master in Porter 
Academy, Charleston, 1902-1903. St. Mary's, 1903 — ) 

Ernest Cruikshank Psychology and Current History 

(A.B., Washington College. Md„ 1897; A.M., 1898; graduate student Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, 1900. St. Mary's, 1903 — ) 

Marie Rudnicka French 

(Cours de l'Hotel de Ville, Paris. Instructor in SI. Mary's College, Dallas. 1907-1912. St. 
Mary's, 1912 — ) 

Helen Urquhart Latin 

(A.B.. Mt. Holvoke College. 1910. Instructor, Winthrop College. 1914. St. Mary's, 1910- 
1913, 1914 — ) 

Frances Ranney Bottum Science 

(San Diego, Cal., Normal College, 1910-11; graduate St. Mary's, 1912; summer student 
Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1913, 1914; Peabodv Teachers' College, 1916. St. 
Mary's. 1912 — ) 

Jewett Snook Mathematics 

(A.B., Wellesley College. 1910 Teacher in The Berwick School iVa.l, 1910-1912; St. 
Mary's Seminary (Md.). 1914-1915. St. Mary's, 1915 — ) 

Lucy G. Hester English 

(Graduate St. Mary's School; summer student Columbia University. Teacher at Hopkins 
Hall, Burlington. Vt"; St. Mary's Hall, Faribault. Minn.; Stuart Hall, Staunton, Va. ; Principal 
St. Margaret's Hall, Boise. Idaho; Pembroke Hall, Hampton. Va. St. Mary's, 1917 — ) 

Caroline Elizabeth Myrick English 

(A.B., Swarthmore College, 1914; A.M., Radcliffe College. 1916. St. Mary's. 1917 — ) 

Mr. Cltl 1KSHANK 

Miss Urquhart 
Miss F. Bottum 

Miss Fenner 

Mlle. Rudnicka 
Miss A. Bartow 

Mr. Stone 

Miss Snook 
Miss Davis 

Acnes Hyde Barton English and French 

(Graduate St. .Mary's. 1915; A.B., University of North Carolina. 1917. St. Mary's. 1917 — ) 

Florence C. Davis Elocution 

B.O., Emerson College, Boston, 1906; Elmira College; Posse Gymnasium. St. Mary's. 

1911 — ) 

Mabel H. Barton Physical Director 

(Graduate, Sargent Normal School of Physical Education, 1914; practice teacher, Cambridge 

Public Schools. St. Mary's, 1914 — ) 

Lucy Elizabeth Robins Lower Preparatory School 

(Graduate, State Normal School, Farjnrille. Va., 1909; summer student. University of 
Virginia, 1913; teacher in the Wakefield (Va.) High School, the Bristol (Va.) City Schools. 
St. Mary's, 1913 — ) 

Kate McKlMMON Primary School 

(Student and teacher at St. Mary's since 1861.) 

Music Department 

R. Blinn Owen. Director Voice. Organ 

(M.Mus., Detroit School of Musi.; pupil of Zimmerraann, Mazurette, Theo. Beach of Detroit, 
Kreutschmer in New York, Ellison Van Hoose. Teacher in Detroit and New York ; private 

teacher in Bluefielil, \V, Va., and Oreensboro. N. C, 1906-1909. Organist and Choir 
Director. Christ Church. Raleigh, 1909—; Director St. Cecilia Club. etc. St. Mary's. 1909— 
Director of Music, 1917—) 

Martha A. Dowd Piano, Theory, History of Music 

((.raduate of St. Mary's, 1884; pupil of Kuersteiner. Sophus Wiig, Albert Mack; of Edwin 
Farmer in New York. 1915. President N. C. Music Teachers' Association, 1916 — . St. 
Mary's, 1886 — ; Director of Music. 1908-1917.) 

Rebecca Hill Shields Piano 

(Graduate, St. Mary's, 1910, Certificate in Piano, St. Mary's. 1910; certificate. Virgil 
Piano School, New York. 1912. Pupil of Ernest Hutcheson. Fassifern, 1911-1913. St. 
Mary's, 1913 — ) 

Ebie Roberts Piano 

(Pupil in Piano of .Tames P. Brawley, Blinn Owen; in Harmony of John A. Simpson; m 
Organ of Wade Brown; Certificate in the Burroughs Method. Columbia University, Summer 
Session, 1918. Private teacher. St. Mary's, 1913 — ) 

Louise Seymour Piano 

(Graduate New England Conservatory with honors; as teacher. 1911, as soloist. 1912. 
Accompanist at Whitney Vocal School; teacher at Milliken University, etc. St. Mary's, 

Gustav Hacedorn J'iolin 

(Pupil of Adolph Halm and Leopold Lichtenbcrg ; of Issay Bannas and Edgar Stilbnan 
Kelly, Berlin. Five years member of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra; Professor of Violin, 
Orchestra Instruments, ,4c. Meredith College. 1906-1915 ; Dean of the Meredith College 
School of Music, 1912-1915. Director of Music, University of North Carolina Summer School. 
1912 — . President N. C. Music Teachers' Association. 1913-1914. St. Mary's, 1916 — ) 

Marion Thompson Voice 

(Graduate of the H. Thane Miller School. Cincinnati. 1908; of the Institute of Musical Art of 
the City of New York — Supervisor's Course, 1915; Singing Course. 1916. Pupil of Arthur 
Terry Tebbs, of Sergei Klibanskv. and of Mrs. Theodore .1. Toedt. St. Mary's, 1916 — ) 

Miss Thompson 
Mr. Hacedorn 

Miss Myrick 

Miss Roberts 

Miss Down 

Miss Seymour 

Mr. Owen 

Miss M. Barton 
Miss Shields 


Art Department 

Clara I. Fenner, Director Drawing. Painting, Design, etc. 

{Graduate Maryland Institute School of Art and Design; special student Pratt Institute, 
1905; special student in Paris, 1907. Director of Art, St. Mary's, 1892-189G; 1902 — ) 

Elocution Department 

Florence C. Davis. Director Elocution. Dramatic Art 

(B. (),, Emerson College, Boston, 1906; Elmira College (N. Y.) ; Posse Gymnasium, Boston. 
Pupil of Edith Herrick, Boston, summers 1911-1913-1914 (Leland Powers Method); 
private studio, Elmira; substitute teacher, Miss Metralf's School, Tarrvtown, 1908; teacher, 
Reidsville Seminary (N. C), 1909-1911. Director of Elocution, St. Mary's, 1911 — ) 

Business Department 

Lizzie H. Lee, Director Stenography, Typewriting. Bookkeeping 

(Director of the Department, 1890 — ) 

Juliet B. Sutton Assistant 

(St. Mary's, 1898 — ) 

Home Economics Department 
Mildred Trowbridge Domestic Science, Domestic Art 

(Manual Training High School, Kansas City; McKinley High School. St. Louis; graduate 
Thomas Normal Training School. Detroit, Michigan. St. Mary's, 1916 — ) 

Officers 1917-1918 

Rev. George W. Lay, D.C.L Rector 

Miss Lucy G. Hester Lath Principal 

Mrs. Nannie H. Marriott Housekeeper 

Miss Annie Alexander, R.N Matron of the Infirmary 

(Graduate St. Vincent's Hospital, Norfolk. 1909, St, Mary's, 1916 — ) 

Dr. A. W. Knox School Physician 

Ernest Cruikshank Secretary and Business Manager 

Miss Lizzie Lee Bookkeeper 

Miss Juliet B. Sutton Secretary to the Rector 

Miss Margaret H. Bottom Office Secretary 

(Graduate St. Mary's. 1915.) 

Mrs. Mary Iredell Agent of the Trustees 

Miss Robins 

Miss M. Bottum 
Miss Alexander 

Mrs. Marriott 

Miss McKimmon 
Miss Lee 

Dr. Knox 

Miss Sutton 
Miss Trowbridge 


The Class Pqehi 

There's a long, long road behind us 

Through our school-days now gone, 
And the road which lies before us 

Ever beckons us on. 
We have worked and we have waited 

For this day which is ours. 
Through cloudy days and sunshine, 

The happiest of hours. 

'Tis a long farewell were bidding 

To our joyous school-days. 
For we have reached the forking. 

The parting of the ways. 
There's a long, long way before us. 

And 'tis onward we go, 
W ith heavy hearts at parting. 

But hopes all aglow. 

Down this way which we are starting 
There's a future unknown; 

We are leaving all the old things, 
Old purposes have flown. 

In the future that we're facing, 
Alma Mater, to you 

We'll owe great truths and ideals 

To e'er keep us true. 

A. E. H. 


The Class of 1918 

Colors: Black and gold Flower: Black-eyed Susan 

Motto: Climb, though the rocks be rugged 

Katharine Parker Drane President 

Henrietta Marshall Morgan J ice-President 

Elizabeth McMorine Folk Secretary 

Novella Higgs Moye Treasurer 

Acnes Theresa Pratt Historian 

Adeline Edmonds Hughes Poet 

Helen Laughinghouse Prophet 

Class Adviser: Mr. Stone 
Class Roll 

Katharine Parker Drane, Edenton 

Elizareth McMorine Folk, Raleigh 

Adeline Edmonds Hughes, Henderson 

Katharine Dorothy Hughes, Raleigh 

Helen Laughinghouse, Greenville 

Helen Carhart Mason, Rocky Mount 
Maude Irene Miller, Raleigh 

Henrietta Marshall Morgan, Pittsboro 
Novella Higgs Moye, Greenville 

Gertrude Elizabeth Pleasants, Hamlet 
Acnes Theresa Pratt, Madison 

Estelle Strozier Ravenel, Valdosta, Ga. 


Edenton, N. C. 

i L915-18) 

Class President, 1916-18 
Commencement Marshal, 1916 
Winner Essav. 1916 
Winner Sketch, 1917 
Secretary-Treasurer Mu, 1917 
President Mu, 1918 
Inler-Societv Debater, 1917 
Musi; Board. 1917-18 
Secretary Muse Club. 1917 
Chapel Warden, 1918 


Raleigh, N. C. 


Winner Nile? Medal, 1917 
Inter-Society Debater, 1917 
Class Secretary, 1918 
Treasurer E A P, 1918 
Monthly Muse Board, 1918 
Chapel Usher, 1918 
Chairman Muse Club, 1918 

"Titles of honor add nut to his worth 
U ho is himself an honor to his titles." 

"If I do vow a friendship, 
ill perform it 
To the last article" 

Henderson, N. C. 


Treasurer Alpha Rho, 1916 
Winning Alumna 1 Speaker, 1917 
Winner Poem, 1917 
Commencement Marshal, 1917 
Secretary Sigma Lambda, 1918 
Editor-in-Chief Muse, 1918 
President Granddaughters, 1918 
President Dramatic Club, 1918 
Chapel Warden, 1918 
Class Poet, 1918 
Inter-Society Debater, 1918 


Raleigh, N. C. 


"She is herself of best things the collec- 

'"True-hearted, whole-hearted, faithful 
and loyal. 7 ' 


Greenville, N. C. 

( 1916-181 

President £ A /'. 1918 

Business Manager Dramatic Club, 1918 

Class Prophet. 1918 

Chapel Marshal, 1918 


Rocky Mount. N. C. 


Chairman Thrift Stamp Clubs, 1918 

"Exceeding wise, fair spoken and per- 

"I profess not talking: only this: 
Let each man do his best." 


Raleigh, N. C. 





Exchange Editor Muse. 1918 
Associate Editor E A l\ 1918 
Winner Second Poem, 1917 
Niles Medalist. 1918 

"My crown is called content. 
A crown it is that seldom Icings enjoy." 

"Thought is deeper than all speech.' 






21 II 11 


Greenville, N. C. 

(1 '(16-18) 

Vice-President E A I', 1917-18 
Class Treasurer, 1918 


Hamlet, N. C. 


"Small in stature, but mighty in spirit.' 

"Act well your part; there till honor 



Madison, N. C. 


Secretary E A P, 1917 

Commencement Marshal. 1917 

Class Treasurer, 1917 

Secretary-Treasurer Dramatic Club, 1918 

Treasurer Altar Guild, 1918 

Chapel Usher, 1918 

Class Historian, 1918 

Treasurer "Pay Day," 1918 

Business Manager Muse, 1918 

Inter-Society Debater, 1917 

Chapter President, 1917-18 

Valdosta, Ga. 


Commencement Marshal, 1916 
Sophomore President, 1917 

Secretary-Treasurer Sigma, 1917 
Inter-Society Debater, 1917 
Chapel Librarian. 1917 
Monthly Mi se Board, 1917 
Treasurer Alpha Rho t 1917 
President Sigma Lambda, 1918 
President Sigma, 1918 
Chapter President. 1917-18 
Chapel Marshal, 1918 

"True to herself, 
True to her friends. 
True to her duty, always."' 

"it is a good thing to be rich, and a 

good thing to be strong; but it is a bet- 
ter thing to be beloved by many friends." 


Class Prophecy, 1918 

There was once at dear St. Mary's, 

In the year iiineteen-eighteen, 
I Senior Class an paralleled, 
II hose like leas never seen. 

A great playwright is Aline Hughes, 

And famous, too. is she; 
She still is just as talented 

As lee all said she'd be. 

Tis sure they will, not soon forget 

That sail ret happy dale 
When one and all they ventured forth 

Each one to learn her lute. 

Of course, there have been changes and 

Surprises quite a few. 
For some of them you'd hardly know. 

Hut just the same it's true. 

"K. DraNe" into an office went, 

But not long did she stay, 
For now she is her boss's boss. 

tnd has his name, they say. 

"RavIE," /hough always popular 

As any one could lie. 
Has now given up her friends 

To enter a nunnery. 

K. Hughes, the baby of us all. 

Her lot in society cast; 
She wears French heels five inches high, 

And has grown up at last. 

She hail so many lovers that 

She never could deckle; 
So Agnes is a spinster now. 

II hose blue/, cat is her pride. 

H. Mason lost her dignity 

And went upon the stage. 
She does the newest dances, and 

Is really quite the rage. 

Henrietta got excited once. 

Although lis strange to tell; 
She spoke above a whisper, and 

Has since been known to yell. 

Bui as a country school-marm 

G. Pleasants takes the cake, 
Though, as teacher just as pupil. 

She cannot keep awake. 

Then there was studious Bessie Folk, 

Married when only twenty. 
As an adoring farmer's wife 

She lives in peace and plenty. 

Maud Miller still is interested 

In everything that's going; 
And now that woman's day has come — 

She spends her time a-beauing. 

Novella is an admiral's wife, 

And proud of her husband is she! 

She charms him with her flute-like voice 
And he listens rapturously. 

And as for Helen Laughinghouse, 

She tried to be a poet. 
But so far she's had poor success — 

As if this didn't show it. 

Candidates for Department Certificates 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 




Danville, Va. 





Candidates for Certificates 


Rocky Mount, N. C. 




Madison'. N. C. 

( 1915-18 1 



Greensboro, Ala. 




Candidates for Certificates 


Scotland Neck, N. C. 




Norfolk, Va. 



2 A = 

^ ^ 


« H 


The Class of 1919 

Colors: Scarlet and Gray Flower: Scarlet Poppy 

Motto: He who conquers, conquers himself 

Nina Hine Burke President 

Ellen Lay Treasurer 

Bertha Albertson Secretary 

Class Adviser: Miss Sutton 
Class Roll 

Bertha Sears Albertson, Scotland Neck 
Nina Hine Burke, New Iberia, La. 
Marian Drane, Edenton 

Josephine Erwin, Durham 
Elizabeth Kitchin, Raleigh 

Mildred Elizabeth Kirtland. St. Augustine, Fla. 
Ellen Booth Lav, Raleigh 

Carrie Louise Toler, Rocky Mount 






c/3 ^ 


o 1 

to & 


l/M ophomores 

The Class of 1920 

Colors: Green and White Flower: Marechal Niel Rose 

Motto: Ever onward, ever upward 

Class Roll 

Helen Battle President 

Louise Pearsall Vice-President 

Carrie McIver Wilkes Secretary 

Elizabeth Waudell Treasurer 

Class Adviser: Mr. Cruikshank 

Elspeth Askew, Farm vi .lie 

Katharine Batts, Tarboro 

Elizabeth Bowne, Tryon 

Helen Cooper, Rocky Mount 
Sarah Davis, Seneca, S. C. 

Mary Gliirkin, Raleigh 

Mildred Jones, Charlotte 

Marie Linehan. Raleigh 
Camilla McMlillan, Columbia 

Mary Mullins, Marion, S. C. 

Louise Pearsall, Rocky Mount 
Ella Pender, Tarboro 
Alice Seed, Greensboro, Ala. 
Susan Smith, Charlotte 

Janet White, Scotland Neck 

C. McIver Wilkes, Charlotte 
IiNA Wilson, Raleigh 

Mary C. Wilson, Greensboro 

Dorothy Wood, Norfolk, la. 



vi re shmGti^ 

The Class of 1921 

Colors: Violet and Lavender Flower: Violet 

Motto: Aim high, but reach higher 

Rainsford Glass President 

Maud Moss Vice-President 

Catharine Mott Secretary 

Jane Ruffin Treasurer 

Class Adviser: Miss Hester 
Class Roll 

K. Alston B. Fairley S. McMurry 

L. L. Anderson S. Fishel M. Neal 


M. Barnard R. Glass S. Rawlincs 

M. Barnhill A. Higcs V. Royster 

M. Barwis \1. Hoke I. Ruffin 

M. Blanton V. Howell B. Seawell 

G. Bateman 1). Kirtland G. Shavender 

E. Bonner A. Lay P. Sherrod 

V. Brownell M. Lesley E. Sublett 

M. Carlton M. Little H. Tarwater 

E. Champion M. Moffitt J. Toy 

A. Cheek A. Morgan B. Turner 

N. Cooper M. Moss F. White 

K. Cumminc C. Mott N. White 

M. Dall J. Moye M. Yellott 


the: muse: 




: ls: 

(The Upper Preparatory Department) 

Colors: Pink and Baby Bine Flatter; Lily of ihe Valley 


Anita Smith President 

Bertha Freeman f ice-President 

Mollie Taliaferro Secretary 

Margaret Yorke Treasurer 

Class Adviser: MlSS M. BoTTUM 

Class Roll 

H. Barber 

L. Bacon 
A. Banker 

E. Brantley 
C. Butt 

E. Baker 
L. Baker 

R. Baxter 
E. Browne 

H. Budge 
S. Cameron 

L. Cork 
R. Craig 

D. Carell 
M. Coleman 

E. Cross 
E. Collier 

M. Daughtridce 
R. DeLorme 

M. Dougherty 

A. Ferebee 
L. Farmer 

M. Fetter 
M. Fields 

M. Forester 
V. Flora 

E. Freeland 
L. Hawkins 

H. Hum. 
J. Hunter 

M. Hawkins 
N. Hart 

R. Hill 
C Huntington 

E. Inglesby 

E. Jackson 
C. Johnson 

F. Kern 

F. Lee 

L. Lav 
E. My att 
F. Martin 

C. Moore 
H. McCoy 

L. Mix.cs 

A. Morgan 
M. McAlister 

J. McMoiiius 
B. Parker 

A. Patch 

D. Powell 

C Parkman 


E. Rocers 
R. Bobbins 

R. Russell 
H. Roberson 

E. Sheetz 

M. Springs 
J. Saffold 

K. Scott 
V. Scott 

C. Scull 
A. Smith 

M. Taliaferro 
E. Ward 

M. Whitaker 
K. Waddell 

M. B. Wilson 
G. Wynne 

L. Webster 
V. Williams 

K. White 
L. L. Wills 

E. Wincate 
M. Yorke 


Sigma Lambda Literary Society 

Colors: Purple and Gray 

(Founded l'JOO) 
Motto: Lit with the sun 

Flower: Yellow Jessamine 


Advent and Easter Terms 

Estelle Ravenel President. 

Katharine Drane Vice-President 

Aline Hughes Secretary 

Rainsford Glass Treasurer 

Alice Seed Critic 

Elizabeth Waddell Senior Teller 

iMarian Drane Junior Teller 

Associate Muse Editors 
Katharine Drane Marian Drake 

Inter-Society Debaters 
Lucy London Anderson Aeine Edmonds Hughes 

Commencement Marshals 

Marian Drane, Chief 
Maud Valentine Moss Louise 

Honorary Members 

Miss Davis Miss Clara Fenner Miss Sutton 

Miss Shields Miss Thompson Mr. Stone 

Miss Dowd 

Active Members 

Alrertson, B. Freeland, E. McMijllan.C. Patch, A. 

Anderson, L. L. Glass. R. Miller, M. Powell, D. 

Askew, E. Harrison, C. Moffitt, M. Ravenel, E. 

Barnard, M. Hawkins, L. Moore, C. Rawllncs, S. 

Barwis, M. Hughes, A. Morgan, F. Ruffin, J. 

Batts. K. Lee, F. Moss, M. Russell, R. 

Baxter, R. Linehan, M. Mott, C. Seabliry, M. 

Betts, M. Lenoir, V. Parks, L. Seed, A. 

Bonner, E. Smith, A. 

Bowne, E. Sprincs, M. 

Browne, E. a Stone, A. 

Budge, H. £$< Toler, L. 

Butt, V. ffl «, Waddell, E. 

Cabell, D. M \A Webster, L. 

Cheek, A. <«>2 liffm White. J. 

Delorme, R. W^ 3 "'W Wilkes, C.McI 

Dougherty. M. \r\ w Wills, L. L. 

Drane, K. \Jf Wilson, M. B. 

Drane, M. «9 Wincate, E. 

Forrester, M. 

Epsilon Alpha Pi Literary Society 

Colors: Olive and Gold 

(Founded 1900) 
Motto: Esse quam videri 

Flower: Jonquil 

Advent Term 


Helen Laughinchouse .... President . . 

Novella Moye First Vice-President 

Henrietta Morgan .... Second lice-President 

Helen Battle Secretary . . 

Elizabeth Folk Treasurer . , 

Easter Term 

Helen Laughinghouse 
. . . . Agnes Pratt 
. . . Novella Moye 
. . . Helen Battle 
. . . Elizabeth Folk 

Helen Battle 

Associate Muse Editors 
Henrietta Morgan 

Inter-Society Debaters 


Ellen B. Lav 

Elizabeth Folk 

Commencement Marshals 

Nina Burke Mildred Kirtland 

Dr. Lay 

Miss Lee 

Miss Trowbridge 

Honorary Members 

Miss McKimmon 
Miss F. Bottum 

Mr. Owen 
Miss Myrick 
Miss M. Bottum 

Active Members 

Ambler, D. 
Avent, L. S. 
Baker. L. 
Barker, A. 
Battle, H. 
Blanton, M. 
Burke, N. 
Chavasse, M. 
Collier, E. 
Cooper, H. 
Cooper, N. 
Cum mings, K. 
Daughtuidce, M. W. 
Davis, S. 
Divine, M. R. 


Fairley, B. 


Flora, V. 
Folk. E. 

Hart, N. 
Hood, H. 
Howell, V. 
Inglesby, E. 
Jones, M. 
Kern, F. 
Kirtland, D. 
Kirtland, M. 
Latham, L. 
Lav A. 
Lay, E. 

Lauchinchouse, H. 
Lefferts, C. 
Lesley, M. 
Little. M. 
Mason. II. 
McCoy, H. 
McDowell, K. 
McGuire, A. 
McMurry, S. 
Megcs, L. 
Morgan, H. 

Faculty Adviser: Miss Myrick 

Move. J. 


Odom, W, 
Patterson, J. 
Pearsall, L. 

Phillips, E. 
Pratt, A. 
Rogers. E. 
Scull, C. 
Seawell, B. 
Sherrod, P. 
Smith, S. 


Taliaferro. M. 
Toy, J. 

White, F. 
White, N. 
Wilson, M. C. 
Yellott, M. 

The I nter -Society Debate 

SATURDAY, MAY 4. 1918, 8 P. M. 

Resolved, That immigration into the United States should be restricted by a 

literacy test. 

Affirmative — Sigma Lambda : 

Aline Hughes, '18. and Lucy London Anderson, "20. 
Negative — Epsilon Alpha Pi: 

Elleis Booth Lav. "19, and Millicent Blanton, '21. 

Judges: Dean Thomas P. Harrison and Prof. W. A. Withers of State College; Supt. Frank M. 

Haui'EH of tlie Raleigh Schools. 

The judges decided the debate unanimously in fa 

of the affirmative. 

The annual Inter-Society Debates were inaugurated in 1902. and were held each year up to and 
including 1913. In those twelve years the Sigma Lambda debaters were victorious eight times and 
the Epsilon Alpha Pi debaters four times. The Alpha Rho Society was organized in 1912, and in 
1914, 1915, and 1917 there was a series of three debates, each society debating the other two. In 
1914 Alpha Rho won both debates and Epsilon Alpha Pi defeated Sigma Lambda. In 1915 Epsilon 
Alpha Pi won both debates and Sigma Lambda defeated Alpha Rho. In 1917 each society won and 
lost. In 1916 the debates gave way to the Shakespearean Contest, in which Sigma Lambda was pro- 
nounced the winner. 

Including all seventeen years, Sigma Lambda has won nine times from Epsilon Alpha Pi, and 
Epsilon Alpha Pi has won seven times from Sigma Lambda. 




M. Moss L. Toler M. Dram: M. Kuhlami \. IJl kki: 

The Commencement Marshals 

Marian Drane, '19, Chief 
Sigma Lambda Epsilon Alpha Pi 

Maude Valentine Moss, '20 
Carrie Louise Touer, '19 

Nina Hine Burke, '19 

Mildred Elizabeth Kirtland,'19 

The Literary Society Activities 

The Literary Societies have been leading organizations at St. Mary's since their establishment. 
Named after the leading southern poets— Edgar Allan Poe and Sidney Lanier — they hold weekly 
meetings, with special Inter-Society Meetings to celebrate the special holiday occasions— Thanks- 
giving, Lee's Birthday, Washington's Birthday, etc. For fifteen years they have held annual Inter- 
Society Debates, and for two years they cooperated with the English Department, under the guidance 
of Miss Thomas, in an Inter-Society Contest in writing, which included poetry, story, and essay. 

This year the Societies are alternately editing the Literary Section of The Muse, furnishing the 
material for their numbers. Judges will decide which has excelled in this for the year, and th 
result will be announced on Class Day. 

The Societies choose annually the Commencement Marshals, the Chief Marshal being chost 
each in turn. 

Saint Mfu7*g School Library 


To St. Mary's Chapel 

Annie Sutton Cameron, '16 

Once more within thy sacred walls 

We meet, but not alone. 
The hearts of all who hold thee dear 

Meet with us here as one. 
We feel their silent blessing 

Upon us as we pray. 
The hopes and prayers that once were theirs 

Still live in us today. 

For thee they labored, thee they strove; 

They loved thee and passed on. 
Leaving to us an heritage 

Of all that they had won. 
A sacred charge they gave us 

In trust divine and deep: 
Thine honor and thy name they left 

For us to guard and keep. 

Thou art to us the token 

Of that we hold most dear. 
Mute bond of love unbroken. 

Thy sheltering arms we near. 
Thou dost our love enkindle. 

Our loyal hearts enroll 
In kinship stronger than of blood. 

The kinship oj the soul. 

And through the discord of the world. 

Thy music, rising clear. 
Dispels the doubt that once we had. 

Casts out our craven fear. 
Hopes by defeat once shattered 

And sullied with the dust. 
We pledge again at thy dear name. 

In holy love and trust. 

Like these who loved and labored, 

Led by thy steadfast light. 
We pass from thee with strengthened hands 

To battle for the right. 
And as ive strive to follow 

The pathway they have trod. 
He pray God's peace be ever thine. 

Oh. little house o) God. 

Chapel Officers, 1917-18 

Chapel Marshals: Estelle Ravenel and Helen Laughinghouse 
Chapel Wardens: Katharine Drane and Aline Hughes 
Chape! Ushers: Elizabeth Folk and Agnes Pratt 
Chapel Librarians: Bertha Albertson and Rainsford Glass 

The Altar Guild 

Miss Kate McKimmon, 

Susan Smith, President 

B. Albertson 

D. Ambler 

L. L. Anderson 
E. Askew 
L. S. Avent 
M. Barnard 
H. Battle 

K. Batts 

R. Baxter 

E. Bonner 
E. Bowne 

C. Brown 
N. Burke 

D. Cabell 
A. Cheek 
M. Dall 

S. Davis 
R. DeLorme 
M.R. Divine 
K. Drane 
M. Drane 


J. Erwin 

E. Folk 

E. Freeland 
R. Glass 
N. Hart 
V. Howell 
A. Hughes 


M. Jones 



A. Lav 

E. Lav 

M. Lesley 

H. Mason 

L. Megcs 
H. Morgan 
C. Mott 
M. Mullins 
J. McMorris 


Agnes Pratt, Treasurer 

J. Patterson 
L. Pearsall 
E. Pender 
A. Pratt 
E. Ravenel 
M. Rawlings 


A. Seed 

P. Sherrod 

A. Smith 
S. Smii h 
H. S?*\di n 
E. Sub lett 
E. Thomas 

J. Toy 

J. White 

McL Wilkes 
M.C. Wilson 
E. Wincate 
D. Wood 
M. Yellott 

The Junior Auxiliary Organization, 1917-18 

General Directress, Miss McKimmon 

The Council 

Susan Smith, Chairman 
St. Anne's Chapter: Mildred Jones, Mary C. Wilson, Margaret Lesley 
St. Agnes': Susan Smith, Mary Ruth Divine, Catherine Lefferts 
St. Monicas: Louise Pearsall, Ella Pender, Carrie McI. Wilkes 
St, Margaret's: Helen Battle, Alice Seed, Mildred Kirtlaimd 
St. Catherine's : Marian Drake, Katherine Batts, Mary Dall 
St. Elizabeth's: Helen Mason, Margaret Gold, Mary Neal 
Lucy Bratton Chapter: Rainsford Glass, Louise Toler, Elizabeth Bowne 
Kate McKinunon Chapter: Audrey Stone, Eleanor Sublett, Dorothy Wood 

The Chapter Officers 

St. Anne's Chapter 

St. Agnes' Chapter 

Estelle Ravenel President Susan Smith 

Mary C. Wilson Vice-President Bessie Folk 

Janet White Secretary Mary Ruth Divine 

Mildred Jones Treasurer Catherine Lefferts 

Miss Roberts 

Directress Miss Robins 

St. Monica's Chapter 

Carrie McIver Wilkes 
Mary Mullins . . . 
Louise Pearsall . . 

St. Margaret's Chapter 

. . President Mildred Kirtland 

Vice-President Helen Battle 

Secretary-Treasurer .... Katharine Drane 

Mrs. Marriott Directress 

Miss Agnes Barton 

St. Catherine's Chapter St. Elizabeth's Chapter 

Marian Drane President Mary Neal 

Katherine Batts Secretary Anita Smith 

Mary Dall Treasurer Aline Hughes 

Miss Shields Directress .... Mies Margaret Bottum 

Lucy Bratton Chapter 

Kate McKimmon Chapter 

Acnes Pratt President Dorothy Wood 

Louise Toler Secretary Eleanor Sublett 

Raunsford Glass Treasurer Audrey Stone 

Miss Sutton Directress . . . Miss Frances Bottum 

In addition to the usual work of the Chapters in recent years — including the support of the 
Aldert Sniedes Scholarship in Shanghai, China, the support of the Bennett Smedes Scholarship in 
the Thompson Orphanage, Charlotte, and other charitahle work — -the Chapters have this year con- 
tiiluited $50 to support a Bible Woman in China, and have provided, in conjunction with the 
Woman's Auxiliary of the Diocese, for (he sending of four delegates to the Blue Ridge Conference 
the coining July. 

Thev have also heen responsihle fur t lie most unique entertainment of the year — the Mission Plav. 
written by Susan Smith and Helen Battle, and presented, under their direction, by the girls of 
St. Agnes 1 and St. Monica's Chapters on March 16th. 

The Woman's Auxiliary 

Mrs. Lay President 

Miss Sutton I ice-President 

Miss McKimmon Secretary 

Miss Shields Treasurer 

The Choir 

Mr. R. Blinn Owen ., Director and Organist 

Miss Martha Roberts Assistant Organist 

Mary Foote Neal issistant Organist 

Dorothy Ambler 

Elspeth Askew 
Mari Dall 

Maria Fields 
Mabel Hawkins 

Aline Hughes 
Mildred Kirtland 

Anna Lay 
Ellen Lav 

Helen Mason 
Leila Meccs 

Alberta Morgan 
Jessie Move 

Katherine McDowell 
Mary Neal 

Anna Patch 

Juanita Patterson 
Ella Pender 

Janvce Quincy 
Margaret Rawlincs 

Ruth Russell 
Clarine Scull 

Anita Smith 
Audrey Stone 

Hilah Tarwater 
Beatrice Turner 

Elizabeth Waduell 
Mary B. Wilson 

Many C. Wilson 
Dorothy Wood 
Mary Yellott 

Miss Thompson 

Miss Seymour 


Sigma Athletic Association 

Colors: Red and White 


Marian Drane Secretary-Treasurer 

Elizabeth Waddell Captain of Basket-ball 

Mary Hoke Captain of Tennis 

Helen Battle Captain of Volley Ball 

Albertson, B. 

Ambler, D. 
Anderson, L. L. 

Bateman, G. 
Barn hill, M. 

Battle, H. 
BattSj K. 

Bollinc, V. 


Brown, C. 
Budge, H. 

Carr, M. 
Champion, E. 

Cheek, A. 
Chavasse, M. 

Cooper, N. 
Collier, E. 


Daughtridce, M. W. 

Divine, M. II. 


Drane, M. 
Ekwin, J. 

Fields, M. 
Folk, B. 

Freeland, E. 
Gold, M. 

Harrison, C. 
Hawkins, L. 


Hawkins, M. 

Hicr.s, A. 
Hoke, M. 

Hughes, A. 
Huntington, C. 

Johnson, C. 
Kirtland, D. 


Laughinghouse, H. 

Lay, L. 
Leach, R. 

Lee. F. 
Little, M. 

Mason, H. 
McAlister, M. 


moffitt, m. 
Morgan, H. 

Moss, M. 
Mott, C. 

Move, N. 
Mullins, M. 

McCoy, H. 
Parkman, C. 

Parks, L. 
Patch, A. 

Pender, E. 
Phillips, E. 


Ravenel, E. 
Rawungs, M. 

Bobbins, R. E. 
Rogers, E. 


Saffold, J. 

Scull, C. 
Scott, K. 

Seabury, M. 
Seed, A. 

Sha vender, G. 
Sheetz, E. 

Smith, A. 
Smith, F. 

Snyder, H. 
Springs, M. 

Stone, A. 
Thomas. E. 

Toy, J. 
Waddell, E. 

Waddell, K. 
Webster, L. 

White, J. 
White. N. 

Wilson, M. C. 
Wincate, E. 

Yorke, M. 



Mu Athletic Association 

Colors: Blue and White 

Katharine Drane President 

Nina Burke Secretary-Treasurer 

Nina Burke Captain of Basket-ball 

Dorothy Powell Captain of Volley Ball 

Frances Kern Captain of Tennis 


Adams, M. 

Askew, E. 
A vent, L. S. 

Bacon, L. 
Banker, A. 

Barker, A. 
Barber, H. 

Barnard, M. 
Barwis, M. 

Baxter, R. 
Betts, M. 

Blanton, M. 
Bonner, E. 

Bonner, C. 
Bowne, E. 

Browne, E. 
Brownell, V. 

Burke, N. 
Butt, V. 

Cabell, D. 
Coleman, M. 

Cooper, H. 
Craig, R. 

Dall, M. 
Davis, S. 

DeLorme, R. 
Dougherty, M. 

Drane, K. 
DunwodYj F, 

Fairley, B. 

Ferebee, A. 
Fishel, S. 

Flora, V. 
Freeman, B. 

Glass, R. 
Hart, N. 

Hill, R. 
Hood, H. 

Howell, V. 
Inclesby, E. 

Kern, F. 
Latham, L. 

Lay, E. 
Lay, N. 

Lay, V. 
Lefferts, C 

Lenoir, V. 
Lesley, M. 

Lesley, S. 
Mecgs, L. 

Moore, C. 
Morgan, F. B. 

Myatt, E. B. 
McDowell, K. 

McMullan, C. 
Neal, M. 

Northrop, C. 
Odom, W. 

Parker, B. 

Patterson, J. 
Powell, D. 

Pratt, A. 
Rembert, A. 

Roberson, H. 
Ruffin, J. 

Russell, R. 
Scott, V. 

Seawell, B. 
Sherrod, P. 

Smith, S. 
Spence, C. 

Sublett, E. 
Taliaferro, M. 

Toler, L. 
Towles, J. 

Turner, B. 
Ward, E. 

White, F. 
White, K. 

Wilkes, CM. 
Williams, V. 

Wills, L. L. 
Wilson, M. B. 

Wood. D. 
Yellott, M. 

The Sigma Basket-ball Teams, 1918 

First Team 

Elizabeth Waddell (Capt.) 
(Catherine Scott 
Mary Mullins . 
estelle ravenel 

Nina Cooper 
Helen Battle . 


Second Team 

. . Lee Parks 

. Lotta Farmer 

. . . Jane Toy 

Dorothy Ambler 

Katherine Batts 

Annie Hicgs 

Junior Team 

Mary Hoke (Capt.). Virginia Roystee Forwards 

Mabel Hawkins Guard 

Ro sella Bobbins, Eunice Collier Centers 

Volley Ball Team 

Helen Battle (dipt J 
Nina Cooper Mary Hoke 

Elizabeth Waddell Virginia Royster 

Margaret Yorke 

The Mu Basket-ball Teams, 1918 

First Team 
Camilla McMullan 
Dorothy Cabell . 
Nina Burke: (Capt.) 
Rainsford Glass . 
Dorothy Powell . 
Ellen B. Lay . . 

' i Forwards, [ 



Second Team 
Nancy Lay (Capt.) 
. . Frances Kern 
. . Mary Yellott 
Margaret Barnard 
Elspeth Askew 
. Eleanor Sublett 

Junior Team 

Mildred Dougherty, Mary B. Wilson Forwards 

Harriet Barber (Capt.), Elizabeth Browne Guards 

Randolph Hill, Millicent Barwis Centers 

Voile} Ball Team 

Dorothy Powell {Capt.) 

Harriet Barber 
Nancy Lay 

Nina Burke 

Randolph Hue 
Mary B. Wilson 

B. Albertson 

E. 11. Uy 


L. Webster 

M. Dall 

D. Ambler 

F. Kern 

Tennis Tournament Record, 1918 

First Round 

M. Hoke deleated M. Hawkins . . 6-2. 6-3 E. Inglesby defeated M. Dougherty . 

B. Albertson defeated J. SafTold . . 6-0, 6-1 E. Lay defeated M. Yellott . . . . 

D. Kirtland defeated V. Royster, 6-0, 6-8, 6-3 N. Lay defeated L. Bacon . . . . 

M. Dall defeated E. Askew . . . . 

Second Hound 
I!. Albertson defeated D. Kirtland 6 0, 6-8, 6-3 F. Kern defeated E. Inglesby . . . 
E. Lay defeated N. Lay 6-1. 6-2 


Frances Kern, Mu, defeated Marv Hoke. Sigma . . . 6 0. 6-0 

Lillian Webster, Sigma, defeated Mary Dall. Mu . . . 6-2, 6-3 

Bertha Albertson, Sigma, defeated Ellen Lay, Mu . 1-6, 6-3, 6-3 

6-0, 6-1 
6-1. 6-3 
6-1, 6-0 
6-0, 6-0 

6 0, 6-1 

The Athletic Record of the Year 

(I) Association Meets 

October 22. INTER-CLUB MEET Mu. 260; Sigma, 238% 


Three-legged Race, Running Broad Jump, Arch Goal Ball, Relay Race. Won by Sigma. 
Dodge Ball, High Jump. Won by Mu. 

February 23. INDOOR MEET Sigma, 58; Mu, 40 

Events : 

Climbing Ropes, Traveling Across Boom, Vaulting Over Boom, Jumping on Box. Relay Race. Won 

by Sigma. 
Jumping (in Boom. Marching Tactics, Medicine Ball, Jumping the Buck. // on by Mu. 
Highest individual scores: (II H. Battle, Sigma; (2) M. Hoke, Sigma. 

April 15. SPRING ATHLETIC MEET Sigma, 86; Mu. 61 


Running Broad Jump, Basket hall. Distance Throw, Pitch Ball, ff on by Sigma. 
Potato Race. Hop-Slep-and-Jump, Relay. l\ on by Mu. 

(II) Basket-ball. Etc. 


Nov. 16. Sigma, 10; Mu. 3. Dec. 3. Mu, 10; Sigma, 4. Nov: 19. Sigma, 7; Mu, 5. 

Dec. 10. Mu, 10; Sigma, 4. Feb. 7. Mu. 15; Sigma, 11. Dec. 10. Sigma. 14; Mu, 4. 

Feb. 1. Mu, 22; Sigma, 15. Apr. 19. Mu, 16; Sigma, 3. Feb. 1. Mu, 22: Sigma, 15. 

May 18. Sigma, 9; Mu. 7. Apr. 19. Mu, __; Sigma. 7. 

May 23. Mu, 19; Sigma, 14. May 17. Mu, 7; Sigma, 4. 

Volley Ball 

Mar. 9. Mu, 30; Sigma, 18. Mar. 25. Mu. 28; Sigma. 21. 


Apr. 25. Sigma, 7; Mu, 4. May 22. Mu. 10; Sigma. 5. 

(Ill) Tennis 

In tbe Tenuis Finals tbe Sigmas were victorious in two out of lliree matches. 

Championship Score 

(II Fall Meet Mu.20 

Indoor Meet Sigma, 20 

Spring Meet Sigma, 20 

(III First Team. Basket-ball . Mu. 25 

Second Team. Basket-ball Mu. 15 

Junior Team. Basket-ball Mu. 15 

(III) Senior Team, Volley Ball Mu, 15 

CIV) Tennis Sigma, 15 

Totals Mu,90 Sigma, 55 

Granddaughters and Great-granddaughters 
of St. Mary's 

Motto: Lest We Forget Song: Auld Lang Syne 

Colors: Light Blue and White 
Flower: Pansy 

Aline Edmonds Hughes President. 

Elizabeth McMorine Folk Secretary 

Ella Banning Pender Treasurer 

Lucy London Anderson, of Fayetteville 

d. of Lucy Worth London, of Pittsboro 
Louise Stevens Bacon, of Savannah, Ga. 

d. of Sara Shellman, of Savannah 
gd. of Sara Bennett, of Savannah 
Elizabeth Baker, of Raleigh 
Katherine Baker, of Raleigh 

ds. of Katherine Haywood, of Raleigh 
gds. of Mary Boylan, of Raleigh 
ggds. of Mary Kinsey, of Raleigh 
Elizabeth Bowen Bonner, of Trenton, N. J. 

gd. of Virginia Ellison 
Adelaide Bovlston, of Raleigh 

d. of Adelaide Snow, of Raleigh 
gd. of Betsy Boylan, of Raleigh 
ggd. of Mary Kinsey, of Raleigh 
Nina Horner Cooper, of Oxford 

d. of Julia Horner, of Oxford 
Anna Lewis Dortch, of Goldsboro 
d. oi Elizabeth Lewis 
gd. of Martha Pender 
Florida Dunwody, of Pensacola, Fla. 

gd. of Annie Bryan 
Mary Fetter, of Raleigh 

gd. of Mary Wright, of Edenton 
Elizabeth McMorine Folk, of Raleigh 

gd. of Martha Martin, of Edenton 
ggd. of Elizabeth McMorine. of Edenton 
Laura Snowden Hawkins, of Jacksonville. Fla. 
Mabel Robertson Hawkins, of Jacksonville, Fla. 

gds. of Eliza C. London, of Pittsboro 
\l un McBee Hoke, of Raleigh 

gd. of Catharine Alexander, of Lincolnton 
Adeline Edmonds Hughes, of Henderson 
gd. of Alice Swann 
ggd. of Penelope Wiley 
Mildred Lord Jones, of Mooresville 

d. of Daisy Scales, of Salisbury 
gd. of Mary Steele Lord, of Salisbury 
Emily Camilla McMullan, of Columbia 

(I. nl Fannie Skinner, of Hertford 
Mary Strange Morgan, of Raleigh 

gd. of Marguerite Butt, of Hertford 


Ella Banning Pender, of Tarboro 

d. of Sallie Pippen 
Sylbert Pendleton, of Raleigh 

d. of Elizabeth Busbee, of Raleigh 
gd. of Sallie Smith, of Scotland Neck 
Margaret Ranev, of Raleigh 

d. of Kate Denson, of Raleigh 
gd. of Matilda Cowan, of Wilmington 
Marcaret Muse Rawlincs, of Wilson 

d. oi Sarah Daniel, of Wilson 
Augusta Rembert, of Columbia, S. C. 

gd. of Augusta Porcher, of Columbia, S. C. 
Jane Reynolds Ruffin, of Mayodan 

gd. of Mary Cain, of Salisbury 

Margaret Elizabeth Sprincs, of Waverly Mills, S. C. 

gd. of Elizabeth Morris, of Wilmington 
Jane Bingham Toy, of Chapel Hill 
d. of Jennie Bingham 

Katherine Crichton White, of Augusta, Ga. 

gd. of Alice Shaw 
Carrie McIver Wilkes, of Charlotte 

d. of Fannie Lucas, of Society Hill, S. C. 
gd. of Carrie McIver, of Society Hill, S. C. 
Margaret Berenice Yorke, of Charlotte 

d. of Frances Elizabeth Rogers, of Concord 


The Dramatic Club 

Miss Florence Davis Director 

Aline Hughes President 

Helen Laughinghouse Business Manager 

Agnes Pratt Secretary-Treasurer 


Katherine Batts Dorothy Kirtland Audrey Stone 

Rebecca Baxter Helen Laughinghouse Jane Toy 

mlllicent blanton ellen lay beatrice turner 

Nina Cooper Mary Moffitt Katherine White 

Mary Dall Maud Moss McIver Wilkes 

Anna Dortch Ellen Myatt Virginia Williams 

Lotta Farmer Agnes Pratt Lucy Lillian Wills 

Selma Fishel Ruth Russell Mary C. Wilson 

Annie Higgs Jule Saffold Dorothy Wood 

Aline Hughes Alice Seed 

The Chorus 

Mr. R. Blinn Owen Director 

Miss Martha Roberts Assistant 







Bonner, C. 


Cooper, N. 

Cooper, H. 



Fields, M. 



Hawkins, M. 



Huches, A. 


Morgan, F. B 

Mason, H. 



Megcs, L. 

Kirtland, M. 



Lay, A. 


Move, J. 

Lay, L. 





Smith, A. 







Waddell, E. 

White, F. 

Win gate 



A Spring Day 

Mary T. Yf.llott, '21 

The last pale star fades in the bright'ning sky. 

And heaven is overspread with rosy hue. 
The moon welcomes her lord with weary sigh. 

And earth is bathed in sparkling silver dew. 
Now from the neighboring wood is clearly heard 
The reveille of many a joyous bird. 

— 'Tis Dawn. 

High in the azure dome of heaven the sun 

Casts o'er the breathless world his burning smile; 

The very zenith of his path is won — 
Idle, without a shadow, rests the dial. 

A moment of tense expectation, then 

The busy world takes up its task again. 

— Tis Noon. 

Deep stillness reigns, and in the glowing west, 
All red. and golden with reflected light, 

The sun sinks slowly to his peaceful rest. 

And earth is bowed before the coming night. 

Deepens the sky, and now, aloft, afar, 

Majestic hangs a single glorious star. 

— "Tis Dusk. 

Throughout the day, from Dawn till Twilight fell, 
"Twas in the air — a something strange and new — 

J ague murmurs and faint whisperings that tell 
Of sunny days and skies forever blue. 

Rejoice! the birds have caroled it all day. 

Earth, heaven, sun. moon, and all things living say, 

Tis Spring!" 

3 LL R S E LVE S r r r $ $ 

Calendar, 1917-18 

September 20, 
September 22, 
September 27. 




Wednesday : 
Saturday : 

October 31, Wednesday: 


\ T nvrmbei 

November 17, 

November 18, 

November 24, 

November 29, 

December 3, 

Decern Iter 8, 

December 10, 

December 15, 

Saturday : 


Saturday : 
Thursday : 




December 19. Wednesda 

December 20-Janu 


January 15, Tuesday: 

January 21, Monday: 

January 28, Monday: 

February 9, Saturday: 

February 12. Tuesday: 

February 13, Wednesday: 

Seventy-sixth Opening of St. Mary's. 

Reception of Old Girls to New Girls. Parlor, 3. 

First "Student Meeting." 

Faculty Reception in honor of Miss Hester. Parlor, 4-6 p. in. 

-Gym Party," 8. 

Patriotic Rally. City Auditorium, 

State Fair Day. 

Luncheon Talk. M. Stephan Lausanne. 

Muse Party. Muse Room. 8. 

Fall Athletic Meet. 

Libert\ Bond Rally, and Gift. 

Literary Society Reception. Parlor, 8. 

First Faculty Recital. Miss Seymour and Miss Shields. 

First "Pay Day." 

Hallowe'en Party. Gymnasium, 8. 

Founders* Day. All Saints' Day. 

Inter-Class Parties. 8:15 p. m. 

Muse Club "Circus." Gymnasium, 8. 

Dr. Elmore's Talk on the Y. M. C. A. 9 a. m. 

Pupils" Elocution Recital. 5 p. m. 

Lucy Bratton Chapter in "Ma Sweet and Her Gals." 

Dean Myers' Talk on the Cuban Mission. 

St. Margaret's Chapter. Military Ball. Benefit of Red Cross. 

Thanksgiving Day. Captain Allen's Talk, 2:30. 

Second "Pay Day." 

Dramatic Club in "A Bachelor's Romance." Auditorium, 8:15. 

Peace-St. Mary's Concert. Arthur Hackett, Tenor. 

Mr. Owen's "Evening of Miniature Opera and Minstrelsy." 

rium, 8. 
Seniors in "Holly Tree Inn." Auditorium, 8 p. m. 
Christmas Tree. Gymnasium, 8:45. 
Christmas Vacation. 

School began after the Holidays. 

Red Cross Membership Campaign. 

Second Peace-St. Mary's Concert. Letz Quartet. 

Elocution Reeital, "The Kleptomaniac." Auditorium, 8 p. m. 
Colonial Ball. Parlor, 8:15. 
Lent began. 


February 23, Saturday : 
25, Monday: 




6, Wednesday : 
](), Sunday: 
16. Saturday : 

22. Friday: 

23, Saturday: 

March 24. Palm Sunday: 
March 31, Sunday: 


1, Monday: 






Tuesday : 












Saturday : 



Monday : 



Monday : 






Saturday : 












Saturday : 



Saturday : 




Lecture by the Hon. Theodore Marburg 

Auditorium, 8:15. 
Indoor Athletic .Meet. 

former Minister to Belgium. 

Mrs. Maud Ballington Booth. City Auditorium, 8. 

Visit of Miss Mills, of the Board of Missions. 

St. Agnes" and St. Monica's Chapter in "Scenes from the Life of a 
Bible Woman."' Parlor, 8: IS. 

Mr. Whipple and the Hampton Institute Quartet, in the Parlor, 7 p. m. 

Mr. George B. Lay, in Illustrated Audubon Lecture on "Birds." Audi- 
torium, 8. 

Bishop Cheshire's visit for Confirmation, 5. 

Easter Day. 

Easier Egg Hunt in the Grove, 7. 

Dance in the Parlor, 8. 

Second Faculty Recital. Miss Louise Seymour, Piano. 

Secretary McAdoo's visit for the Liberty Loan. City Auditorium. 8. 

Inter-Class Parties. 8. 

Spring Athletic Meet. 

St. Elizabeth's Chapter. Country Dance, 8. 

University of North Carolina Dramatic Club, "The Man of the Hour." 

Auditorium, 8:15. 
First Certificate Recital. Mary Foote Neal, Voice. 

Second Certificate Recital. Dorothy Portlock Wood, Piano. 
Ascension Day. Celebration of Seventy-sixth Anniversary of St. 

Alumna Luncheon to Raleigh Alumnae, 1:15. 
May Day Festival in Grove, 3. 
""Junior-Senior" Party. Auditorium, 8. 
Alumnae Day. 

Third Certificate Recital. Alice Creswell Seed, Expression. 
Red Cross Day for the Second War Fund. 
Annual "School Parly." Parlor, 8. 

Annual Chorus Concert. 

Fourth Certificate Recital. Helen Clifford Cooper, Piano. 

Commencement Program 




1, Saturday : 

2, Sunday: 

3, Monday: 

4. Tuesday: 

11:00 a. 

10:30 a. 
5 :00 an 

1:00 p. 

8:30 p. 
9:30 p. 

11:00 a. 

Dramatic Club Play, "The Princess." 

m. Commencement Sermon. Rev. W. W. Memminger, D.D., 

of Atlanta, Ga. 
m. Class Day Exercises in the Grove. 

d9:30. Annual Exhibit of Art Department in the Studio, 
with Annual Exhibit of Domestic Art Department- and 
Exhibit of Red Cross Auxiliary- 
Alumna' Luncheon and Annual Alumna? Meeting at the 

Woman's Club. 
Annual Concert in the Auditorium. 
Rector's Reception in the Parlor. 

Graduating Exercises in the Auditorium, with Annual 
Address by Rev. W. H. Milton, D.D., of Wilmington, 
Closing Exercises in the Chapel. 

The 1918 Statistics 

Most Influential (x) Katharine Drane. 

Must Popular (x) Estelle Raveivel. 

Most Talented (1) Aline Hughes. 

Most Efficient (1) Susan Smith, (2). Katharine Drane, (3) Agnes Pratt. 

Best Student (x) Henrietta Morgan. 

Best Writer (x) Aline Huches. 

Most Useful (1) McIver Wilkes, (2) Susan Smith. 

Best Musician (x) Dorothy Wood. 

Most Courteous (1) Marian Drane, (2) Estelle Ravenel. 

Most Athletic (x) Helen Battle. 

Most Sensible (1) Acnes Pratt, (2) Susan Smith. 

Most Lovable (1) Margaret Springs, 12) Leila Mecgs. 

Most Wide-awake (1) Mildred Kirtland, (2) Louise Pearsall. 

Most Unselfish (1) Jane Ruffin. 

Best Worker (1) Susan Smith. 

Most Conscientious .... (1) Susan Smith. (2) Mildred Jones. 

Most Sympathetic (1) Ella Pender, (2) Mary Mullins, (3) Estelle Ravenel. 

Most Enthusiastic (1) Mildred Kirtland, (2) Maude Moss, (3) Helen Battle. 

Most Entertaining (1) Anita Smith, (2) Maude Moss. 

Most Attractive (1) Maude Moss, (2) Bettie Bonner, (3) Lee Parks. 

Most Cheerful (1) Lucy L. Wills, (2) Lee Parks, (3) Anita Smith. 

Prettiest (x) Katharine Drane. 

Best Looking (x) Margaret Lesley. 

Most Dignified (1) Helen Mason. 

Neatest (x) Vircinia Bollinc. 

Cutest (x) Elizabeth Browne. 

Best Dancer (Leader) . . . (1) Elizabeth Browne, (2) Maude Moss. 

Best Dancer (Follower) . . CD Margaret Yorke. 

Most Ambitious CD Henrietta Morgan, (2) Susan Smith, (3) Aline 


Best All-round (x> Katharine Drane. 

Funniest (1) VIRGINIA Howell, (2) Elizabeth Browne, (3) Elizabeth 


(x) Indicates majorities on the first ballot. 

The Muse Club 

Elizabeth McMorine Folk. '18 Chairman 

Adeline Edmonds Hughes, '18 Editor-in-Chief 

Agnes Theresa Pratt, '18 Business Manager 

Mary C. Wilson, '19 Assistant Business Manager 

Louise Toler, '19 Assistant Business Manager 

Marian Drane, '19 Secretary 

Bertha Albebtson, '19 

Helen Battle, '19 
Katherine Batts. '20 

Elizabeth Bowne, '19 
Nina Burke, 19 

Katharine Drane, 18 
Marian Drake, '19 

Elizabeth Folk, '18 
Rainsford Glass, '22^ 

Adelaide Heches, '18 
Mildred Kirtland. '19 


Ellen Lay, '19 

Helen Lauchinchouse, '18 
Henrietta Morgan. '18 

Helen Mason, '18 
Maude Moss, '21 

Novella Move. '18 
Mary Mullins, '20 

Mary Neal,'21 
Louise Pearsall, '20 

Ella Pender. '20 
Acnes Pratt, '18 

Estelle Ravenel, '18 

Jane Ruffin. '21 
Alice Seed, '20 

Anita Smith. "22 
Susan Smith, '20 

Audrey Stone. '19 
Eleanor Sublett. '21 

Louise Toler, '19 
Elizabeth Waddell, '20 

C. McIver Wilkes, '20 
Mary C.Wilson. '19 

Miss Frances Bottom, '12 
Miss Rebe Shields, '10 

Miss Margaret Bottom, '15 
Miss Acnes Hyde Barton, '15 

Mr. Cruikshank. Director 

The Muse Editors, 1917-18 

Aline Edmonds Hughes, 18 Editor-in-Chief 

Agnes Theresa Pratt, '18 Business Manager 

Monthly Muse Board 

Katharine P. Drake, '18 Ellen B. Lav, '19 

Helen V. Battle, '19 Elizabeth M. Folk, '18 

Mildred Kirtland, '19 Alice Seed, '20 

Henrietta M. Morgan, '18 

Annua! Muse Board 

The Senior Class 
Miss Frances Bottum "I 
Mary T. Yellott, '21 / 


Mr. Cruikshank, Advi. 

Time flies swiftly — oh, so swiftly — 
Bears us onward in his flight; 
Yesterday, today, tomorrow 

Are as nothing in his sight. 
All that's left of days now passing 

Soon will be but memory, 
And we'll think of dear St. Mary's 

But in dreamy reverie. 
As we turn these yellowed pages 

In the future, now and then, 
With a sigh we shall remember — 

Wishing for these days again I 

M. T. V. 

Photographs by Horton, Raleigh 

Engraving, Printing and Binding by 

Edwards & Btoughton Printing Co. 


C l9 ' 8 

3 76.9 

Not to be taken from this room